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Daily Poetry Diary Entries – Friday (14.9.18) – I’m a warrior

This is a story that I’ve never even told to anyone. I’ve got to get this off my chest in order for me to let it go and to be free. I need to take back the light inside you stole once again. You’re always my criminal and you steal like you’re a pro.

All the pain and the truth that I’ve been through. I wear it like a battle wound. I am so ashamed, so confused like I was broken and bruised when you found me. Now that I’m a warrior I’ve got thicker skin. I’m a warrior I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my armour is made out of steel. No one can get it nor can they hurt me again.

Out of the ashes, I’m burning like a fire. I’m in a good place with a man that’s most important to me. So you can save your apologies to win me back because you’re nothing like a liar. It’s a shame that I’ve got scars but I will never show them in public because I’m a survivor in more ways than you know.

There’s a part of me that I won’t be able to get back. The little girl who grew up to fast. It only took the once in my life to be able to trust someone who loved me. Yet since you took that away from me I would never be the same. Until this one person that truly loves me has the patience’s and caring for me. Since being with him I’ve been taking my life back today.

So don’t come back as you have nothing left to say, you were never going to take the blame anyway. Now that I’m a warrior I’ve got thicker skin I am a warrior. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. You can never hurt me again as I’m made out of steel so you couldn’t get in.

You can never hurt me again.

Written by Lizzy Johnson

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson

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Daily Poetry Diary Entries – Saturday Entry – The Wonder Of You (8.9.18)

When no-one else could understand me; when everything that I did was wrong, since you’ve been in my life you gave me hope and consolation. Even if I don’t know what it means; you always have a smile on you’re face, giving me strength to carry on.

I always found that you were always there to lend a hand in everything I do. I begin to wonder. The wonder of you across my mind. Seeing you smile everyday makes my world even brighter. The thought of your hand touching my hand; makes me feel like I’m the queen to you’re heart, I don’t need money to make me feel a fortune. Your kiss to me is my fortune and your love for me means everything.

I will never know the reason why you love me like you do but that’s always going to be my wonder. My wonder of you.

Written by Lizzy Johnson

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson

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Daily Poetry Diary Entries – Wednesday Poetry Diary Entries – Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond. I found a light in the beautiful sea, because I choose to be happy, as there’s only just you and I, you and I in this world. We’re like diamonds in the sky. 

In the night sky you’re a shooting star that I see, you’re my shooting star and my vision of true love. When you hold me tight, I’m alive. We’re like a diamonds in the sky. 

I knew that we’d be become one right away, right away as the first sight of the sun rays on my skin. I knew I had this sense of energy and happiness as I sae the life inside your eyes.

Shine bright tonight you and I because we meet eye to eye, we so alive in the sky. Our palms rise to the universe as we go past the moonshines so brightly and feel the warmth like we should never die.

Shine like a diamond in the sky. Telling me how much you love me. I’ll shine back right back at you touching you’re face with my soft palm hands as I kiss you softly. Telling you that it’s okay. I’m not too far away. 

Written By Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson