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Daily Seasons – Autumn – Strong Autumn Winds

Strong winds batter Surrey and Hampshire,

You know autumn has finally arrived,

Leaves start to fall,

Turning all different shades of red, orange, gold and brown.


Lost the summer greenness,

Lost the summer heatwave,

Like the soul had been taken away from us,

Like it was a distant memory. 

Feels like only yesterday,

We had a huge amount of snow,

Not being able to go to work, 

Not being able to go to school.


Whimpers and cries from little kittens,  

As the strong winds,

Gushing around the house.

More whimpers and cries from little kittens,

As the strong winds, 

Gushing down the chimney,

Scarring them because they think it’s coming to get them.


They start to cuddle up to you for protection,

Sleep somewhere that they know 

That they are going to be safe,

Knowing their human friends are always there protecting them.


Just pray to god

Mother Nature keep the storms away,

Not looking forward to running downstairs in the middle of the night

Be up all night to be with them,

Hoping that the thunder and lightning calm down. 


But day two of the strong winds 

Little kittens seem to be okay with it,

Now and then little whimpers and cries 

Because it’s too much.


Yet they come and find you 

Even if you call for them, 

They will come and become relaxed

Knowing that they are safe. 


Written By Lizzy Johnson 

allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson