Daily Adventures, Tom Kennedy Series

Daily Adventures – Tom Kennedy Series – The Vision Of Time – Part 4 Finale

A shrill cry echoed in the mist as it started to settle after the bonfire had gone out; Tigger still bothered about the man that had Tom, who is that man she asked around to see if anyone knew who he was and it wasn’t long until he came to find her. 

“I better introduce myself…my name is Bernard Classic friends of Stanley and Fred Kennedy, work in the Kennedy Department and at the school run by the Kennedy family. Last but not least guardian of Tom Kennedy since you’re parents have given them the dream. I was informed when you were born by the chief that night of you’re parents have died that you were his protector and his observer” he winced in pain 

She could see the pain in his face and how much it hurt. She couldn’t say anything as she felt nervous; he could sense it, his face relaxed a bit feeling a bit guilty introduce himself in this state and well he couldn’t help it he knew this was going to happen sooner or later. 

Both either of them spoke there was shrill cries echoing through the mist and woods; someone came in with Tom his face lit up as he saw Tigger, he tried to say her name but in the end gave up and said “Tiggy” he was reaching out for her to hold him. The lady said that he had been requested to see you and be with you. Bernard said it was impossible for him to do that with his needs. The lady gave Tom to Tigger before she gave Bernard a sharp snappy comment “Do I have to remind you Bernard that I am a Native American women; I have brought up all of the Kennedy family since before you were born and since you were born, and don’t get me started on your family ancestry Bernard.” 

Tom and Tigger were taken back by the old lady when she snapped at Bernard; ‘how old is she then?’ Thought Tigger she really doesn’t look the age of knowing or dealing with the Kennedy family or Bernard’s family. “Now we will sort you out before you sleep. I don’t know why you didn’t come to straight away to me….” They both Tom and Tigger could her still telling Bernard off until they could here them no more. 

“Come on buddy. He’ll be back soon because he wouldn’t leave you out of his sight for a second” she said.

She had laid Tom down on a comfy straw bed in between her bed and a spare bed next to Toms for Bernard when he came back. Bernard came back saw Tigger a sleep but Tom was wiggling in his own bed; he whispered “come on you…you should be a asleep” 

He laid down next to Tom before he rested his own head on the pillow he caught Tiggers face in the shimmering candle light; her make up had run down her face, she had been crying herself to asleep. Bernard looked at Tom with a massive big grin on his face; “don’t give me that look Tom; don’t even think about it, fine…you are your fathers son” he whispered, so he gently got up moved his bed around to Tiggers moved the wood and joined it into one making it into a double. 

Somehow manage to put Tom in the middle of them both feet and put a strong protective charm over them and Tom proof charm even him himself couldn’t get out off. Tom felt relaxed and happy that he had brought them close together he fell asleep. Bernard just about to fall asleep when he felt Tigger cuddling up to him not sure whether she knew what she was doing or not he wrapped his arms around her to keep her safe. 

Written By Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson



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