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The Comedy Kittens – Kittens Saturday – Stop blooming posting your favourite ball for fun!

Both kittens have these obsession with the whole Pom Pom balls at the moment but liking it so much that have to play with them out in the hallway that has a laminate floor. It’s all okay for them to play with and what not but the most annoying thing is that we have this radiator cover. Once they get overly excited and lose it underneath; now before they didn’t know the radiator cover comes off, until recently where the front cover comes off. 

When one person is running low and feeling ill with the flu your not really feeling 100% yourself and you don’t mean it. When you’re taking it of what feels like at least 20 times in order for them to get it or when they get it they literally stay put and you’re like well I’m the only one home here and I really don’t have the patience’s to stand here holding a huge long wood board thing so you could play underneath it. Check it out to see if it’s in good working condition (I pretend to think that’s what they are doing when I’m talking to them) they pretty much sit there.

Bubba 1 has a habit of posting it under the radiator because she thinks a game where we have to take it off at least 20 times for her to get it and play with it. The other day she wouldn’t move when she tried to get the bowl from underneath; so I barely touched her but slightly slide her with my foot in order for me to help her, she wasn’t even bothered that I made her slide with my foot because she likes feet it didn’t bother her one bit. 

Bless bubba 2 when me or my sister say we’re not getting it if you’re going to keep posting it underneath it to bubba 1. Bubba 2 tries to help her sister to get it out even if bubba 1 is in a sulk with me or my sister; in the end one of us will going help, in which we normally do it’s just trying to teach them that we can’t keep getting the radiator cover off 20 times because they keep posting it. 

My word once they have their favourite Pom poms they are like literally on one they play with them for hours on end and don’t get tired. Until they stop for a bit then carry on after they look around to see if anyone else is looking at them.

Written By Lizzy Johnson

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson 



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