Daily Adventures, Tom Kennedy Series

Daily Adventures – Tom Kennedy Series – The Vision Of Time – Part 3

Chief said “alert whoever’s left in the Kennedy department at the minstery and the House of Parliament that we have the boy. He’s staying put with us because Kordulmon won’t even come near us even if we have the boy or not” all of the men that were in the tent left out of the door. 

The native girl could here them disappear without a sound but with a little crack in the hill side not far from them. She looked at the chief slowly stammered with a panic because she was scared of what he’ll do and say. “Tigger calm down…tigger you’re fine. You’re not in trouble I’m just glad you and the little boy Tom is safe okay….I need to tell you something about you’re parents and how they died” 

Closer and closer it came, it was getting bigger and bigger, soon it filled the sky above, was the moon falling? As they both looked up at the night sky that was so clear; someone came running up to the chief he murmured something in the chiefs ear, “shall we” said the chief turning to Tigger. Tigger knew what was going to happen there was no explanation for it. She could see the big fire bellowing up into the night sky; she soon realised it, the protection observer had found her to protect the little boy Tom and that was why he stayed clung onto her. 

As she was growing up she had hoped that she would be picked and sometimes she hoped that she wasn’t. Tigger hated the responsibilities of something major like looking after a member of the Kennedy family for life until she died in action to protect a special needs child with extra special powers. 

They approached the bonfire Tigger could see the whole camp sitting around Tom was now settled in a man’s arms that she did not recognised but in the light he looked batted and bruised; he looked haunted in what he had seen before he arrived, he looked over to her direction gave her a wiry smile in away she was pretty sure it was away to say “thank you”. Tigger wasn’t ever so sure what to make of the Kennedys or the department but one thing for sure that they have been good friends to the chief one way or another. 

Chief had turned to Tigger before they took their place in the circle ritual. “These are dark times ahead and there’s no denying it. What you’ll will see in these flames are you’re parents battling Smallen. They were just two ordinary Native Americans okay; they knew that you were destined to take this path when you were born, they requested me to summon Stanley and Fred here 19 years ago. They explained that they had a vision that Stanley would have a baby boy called Tom who had autism; along with his amazing gift of autism, the Kennedy family powers and there was one important thing that was also planted an ancient ball inside of him that will destroy the next dark evil identity that came our way.” He looked at Tigger with a worrying look on his face hoping that she understood what he was saying before he could continue on.

He then pressed on. “On that fateful night of the first war with Smallen before you’re 1st birthday. You’re parents had been hit with a few things they were whisked back to here; before they got any attention they requested to have me at their bed side, they were in so much pain that it was to unbearable to watch. However see theses scars on my arm?” He rolled up his right sleeve to show her. They glistened in the moon light and the flames. “They both grabbed hold of my arm before I could react I could feel the burning sensation; I couldn’t pull away as they held on so tightly, they said ‘protect Tigger…don’t make Tigger become Tom’s protect when she turns 20. Please”’ I tried to reassure them that I would try my best but we all knew it wasn’t going to happen. Once someone is chosen at birth and hit their first birthday they immediately become of age. We all didn’t know it was you until they said it. They kept that secret to that very day they wanted to tell me on their death bed. I couldn’t ask how they knew I could feel that they had gone as their hands dropped from my arm and held hands.”…….

Written By Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson 




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