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The Comedy Kittens – Kittens Friday – Think one of the kittens peed in my room!

So last night (27.9.18) I was just laying in bed working on my blogs as you do as I couldn’t sleep as I do. Then all of the sudden I get a smell of pee coming into my room; I do tend to leave my door open for the kittens to come in and out, until they go to bed whilst I go to sleep and I know I shouldn’t but I do leave my door open. Can’t help it I like having them round. 

It could be just my blankets that they sleep on to be honest they do like to get wrapped up in like it’s their little cove of safety and warm as it’s becoming cold now even though we are still having warm days later on in the day. I did a bit of research as I went along the way to the bathroom as you do. 

Along the way avoiding getting tripped up by one of the kittens who I quite frankly say they have a tendency to do that wether it’s for fun or not but scares the life out of you to be perfectly honestly with you or they appear out of nowhere and give you a mini heart attack.

I worked out that one of the kittens actually went to the loo in the litter tray in my sisters room so basically it’s been traveling all the way down to my room. I said to my sister I think that litter tray needs to be changed it stinks. She nodded and then replied “I’m so tired” I’m like thinking “na mate I ain’t cleaning it out because you’re tired.” Went to the bathroom and went back to bed with my door closed.

Written By Lizzy Johnson

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson 



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