Daily Adventures, Tom Kennedy Series

Daily Adventures – Tom Kennedy Series – The Vision Of Time – Part 2

The young Native American girl walked past an house something caught her eye which made her stop in her tracks. There was something not quite right about the window; she looked around knowing that she wasn’t meant to be going into abounded houses or anything without someone else but there was something telling her that there was something wrong, it was up to her to investigate what the mystery thing was. 

She went in making sure that no one else was watching her or following her into the house; in her minds eye there was swirls of clouds that she really couldn’t see properly, until she reached a door that was closed and as she put her hand on the handle. She had became very afraid and scared of what she might of encounter.  The young girl opened it slowly feeling the tension between her and what was in the room that she may find. 

In the corner of the room was a little boy huddled and he was rocking back and fourth. She slowly made her way over to him as she was making her way over she didn’t realise he was holding a note. The native girl crouched down in front of him she said calmly with a whisper “hey little man…you okay?…what’s you’re name?” She waited for a bit realised there was a glow all around him and her she then realised who he maybe; she wasn’t quite sure for certain due to the fact the old tales that she heard about the family, she then thought he might not be able to speak either. 

So she tried again but this time with a guess of a name that popped up in head; she thought she might as well ask to see if he responded to the name, she took a deep breathe and asked “is you’re name Tom Kennedy?” Tom stopped rocking looked up with terror on his face. Before she could even press on there was a sound of glass breaking that had stopped her; the boys hiding place had been discovered by the people who were after him; that’s what he had thought and understood what his father had tried to explain to him, what on was he going to do now? 

She turned back round looked at his worried/scared face; she whispered “do you trust me?” holding out her hand to expect his little hand to take it, more crashes and bangs coming out from behind her. “Please…I need to take you somewhere safe….please” with a panic in her voice Tom grabbed her grabbed her hand as she held tight on a necklace in her other hand that Tom hadn’t noticed other than clinging on to her for dear life. 

By the skin of their teeth they managed to get out of the house before the intruders came in and kill them both. They had arrived at their destination of where they needed to be on the edge of a forest on the outskirts of a small village. Tom still clung on to the Native American girl wouldn’t want to walk he was so anxious. So in the end she carried him through the woods; by the time they got to the outskirts of the campsite few women and men came running forward, the native girl gave Tom to one of the women whilst she had to go and visit someone. 

As she got closer to the chiefs tent she could hear voices in hush hush heated discussions. She caught a bit of it “I knew this would happen….I told Howard about this boy. The minute that he says ‘he’s not like Smallen’” she had heard the tales about Smallen over the years but who is it this time who want to attack the Kennedys now. 

“Now the most important boy is now missing scared, don’t understand what’s happening and probably thinking his parents are dead.” Exclaimed the chief loudly. 

That was when the native girl came through the door and said “he’s not missing…I brought him here he safe. I found him.” Group of men turned round one of them looked at her and thought “oh dear god…she’s now caught up in it all now” the chief realised more worrying than anything else. He promised her parents the last time before they died to keep her out of it and not protect a young boy when she hit 20. It was too late her 20th birthday was just a few hours away; the young boy had found her, and she had found him without any knowledge of the history or her ancestry…

Written By Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson 



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