Daily Stories, Who says

Daily Stories – Who says – Pretty Girls Part 1

All around the world there’s so many pretty girls that can wipe the floor with all the boys; yet they don’t see it because they date all the girls who pour the drinks down themselves, bring the noise and the attention to get what they want. Yet the quiet ones are more pretty than them.

Yet all around the world the quiet pretty girls jump the line to the front because they do what they like and get what they want as they just pretty.  Hey didn’t you know that we aren’t all the same from Australia all around to LA. I bet you where ever the girls go the boys will follow; they just want to keep them on their toes because they can laugh yet they don’t even get their jokes, so you better set your watch as they are so predictable but somethings don’t change. 

As the a school reunion comes around the popular girls roll up at the time; all the boys seem to be taken back that they haven’t changed, yet still drawn to them more  until the quiet ones who would sit at the back and get picked on come through looking more pretty than the populars. 

Soon as the posh car doors open all of the eyes on them; all the jaws on the ground because they weren’t sure how this could happen, all of the boys went over to them it’s just so funny. They were like bees going to different flowers to pick more pollen and not return.  

Tell me, is this all true that these men are from Mars? It’s like they acting bizarre? Trying to get their numbers. Trying to take photos with them like they were famous. Yet they don’t see them rolling their eyes. They are like buzzing around them like flies. It’s like going back to a teenager as they got one thing on their minds and somethings don’t change.

Written By Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to followthefootprintsinthepages and lizzyjohnson 



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